There are assignments that demand a larger team; there are legal questions whose solutions are faster found by specialists than by all-rounders; teams are obviously more powerful than single team players – of course!

However, we offer you one contact person, your personal advisor. He knows you, your company, and your concerns exactly and thus is always able to consider your individual situation.

If a mandate requires the employment of external specialists or a team, we can always fall back on our excellent network. This, however, does not change the fact that you’ll still have one advisor who does not have to get familiar with your case first and is almost always available to you.


Flawless, immaculate quality of any legal handling is a matter of course for us.

Only a bad lawyer says he can do anything. The good one is aware of his limits. It is much more advisable with respect to rapidity, price and efficiency to have exotic legal fields, in which we are not specialized, worked on by specialists, who are instructed and coordinated by us. Your costs remain the same.


It is our task to make the clients’ ideas legally admissible, legally incontestable, and where ever it isn’t possible, to point out the risks of the planned procedure. At times, this has earned the profession of lawyers the reputation that they sometimes do not support economic operations but slow them down more often.

At a certain degree, this reproach is legitimate. Yet often an objective, occasionally disillusioning view of a concept is required which, although it has actually been filed flawlessly, needs certain adaptations before it can be realized smoothly.

Above all, a prerequisite is the understanding of your concerns. Only he who knows the aim knows the path!

We are of the opinion that a good consultation requires a profound analysis of your economic and personal motives. Knowing them, we are able to represent you the best possible way and ensure that you won’t get answers of dry theory to your questions of daily practice.


Like any company that is operated economically sensibly, our law office intends to build up lasting business relations to our clients. That’s the reason why we consider a perfect handling of your mandate as the best investment into the future – we regard ourselves as the permanent companion on our clients’ way to their economic success.


We want to spare you any outpourings on compact questions of day-to-day business life and speak the language of our clients. We try to bring your problem to the point and solve it briefly, rapidly and efficiently, without wasting any time and revelling in academic excesses.